Winner: Syft

Syft is an online temporary staffing platform, set up in 2015 but launched as an easy-to-use app in June 2017. It connects employers and workers, bringing transparency and efficiency to temporary staffing. The platform covers a range of businesses, and thousands of experienced workers who have been interviewed and vetted by the company’s recruitment team and ready for hire. A ratings and feedback system allows the user to see an employee’s past reviews and performance ratings after each completed shift. The company says its system saves employers up to 55% on agency fees while paying workers more, and that it tackles long-term industry problems such as a high no-show rate – while the industry average no-show rate is 12.5%, Syft achieves an average of 1.7% rate by implementing a strict recruitment process and ensuring workers are engaged and motivated. The company offers employee perks and benefits to its workers, including free phone insurance and discounted gym membership.

• The company screens every worker on the app, vets them face-to-face, and checks their skill and experience.

• The Syft app sends reminders before shifts and reminds workers to clock-in digitally with a QR code scanner.

• The company ensures workers are motivated by enabling clients to pay staff on average 22% more than the industry average hourly rate.

• Syft’s algorithm saves time by enabling clients to fill dozens of shifts in a matter of minutes. The app automatically pairs workers who fit the job requirements, so clients can make job offers in batch. Digital timesheets save clients’ time on handling paper timesheets and avoid inaccurate payroll.

• Syft’s latest innovation, Syftforce, allows clients to manage and share their internal staff across multiple sites, achieving operational efficiency as well as reducing agency spend.

Judges’ Comments:

“Syft’s strength lies in its simplicity. It represents a win-win for the client and candidate, and has the potential to scale.”