The Clear Company

The Clear Company is a UK provider of services to employers to support inclusive recruitment and talent management practice. Founded in 2000, its goal is to free under-represented people from the barriers they face in recruitment and talent management policy, process and practice. The company’s entry was submitted by its client, recruitment organisation PageGroup.

  • The Clear Company’s evidence-based approach has enabled clients to grow as inclusive employers locally and globally, influencing supply chains, customer solutions and community investment.
  • PageGroup was an early adopter of the company’s Clear Assured approach and joined in 2019.
  • The Clear Company has an inclusive recruitment process that eliminates barriers for all candidates and an inclusive job design that removes unnecessary criteria limiting the talent pool – such as lack of qualifications that stops those from lower socio-economic groups from applying. It also attracts diverse talent by engaging local marginalised communities and providing adjustments throughout the application and onboarding process to enable and inclusive experience for all.
  • PageGroup praised The Clear Company’s commitment to quarterly reviews of DEI progress, compared to less regular assessments. “By having a more frequent assessment window, you can see the impact quicker which helps keep momentum going,” PageGroup said in the entry.
  • Initiatives to which PageGroup have committed and achieved success with support from The Clear Company included partnering with Ambitious About Autism and bringing on two interns so far, with one made a permanent employee; engaging with 10,000 Black interns and hiring six in 2021 and seven in 2022; launching a flexible bank holiday policy that allows employees to better align with their own beliefs; and offering free back-up emergency child and elder care support, among a variety of others.

Judges’ comments

“Via their client PageGroup, The Clear Company provided a fantastic submission that nailed the brief through their depth of services and value they add across the board. It showed a level of innovation and passion that has led to outstanding results and reputation. The Clear Company’s market knowledge and thorough approach has made it a stand-out winner in this category.”