Jamie Fraser, CEO – InterEx Group

Jamie Fraser founded InterEx in 2016 and has powered the company’s growth since then. The company recruits individuals and entire teams for cloud, Microsoft, security and data sectors, as well as consultancy services. Clients include Mars, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

  • In the financial year ending April 2022, Fraser engineered the company’s growth, where turnover increased from £13m to £50m, with profits quadrupling from £462k to £1.8m. In March, InterEx hit £1m in monthly sales for the first time.
  • His creation of a training academy is another element of his entrepreneurship. The InterEx training scheme welcomes young people with no experience of the recruitment industry, and recent appointees have come from McDonald’s, construction and education. Investing time, effort and money in training, Fraser and InterEx give them a different opportunity to build their own path.
  • Staff nearly doubled from 56 to 101, including an increase in fee-earning staff from 40 to 80. Income per head increased from £325k to £625k.
  • Driven by Fraser, InterEx is paving the way for the industry by training a new generation of recruits.

“Fraser’s submission was full of evidence to show the considerable financial success through the period being assessed, together with examples of his drive and personality reflected in the business growth. Whilst increased profitably and geographic expansion were demonstrated, this was not without a continued focus on those within the business through ‘people-centric’ policies. He is a driven individual who is moving the business forward ‘at pace but not human cost’. He knows what he wants and won’t let anything stand in his way. Fraser looks to use his influence in future to help those who might not have had the opportunities afforded to others.”

Highly Commended: Cherie Davies, Director – MC Technical Recruitment