Chris Sheard, Director, SR2 Recruitment

Business growth delivered through social responsibility, community and giving back makes Chris a worthy winner, the judges said.

The ‘SR2’ in the company name stands for Socially Responsible Recruitment, and the judges said they found that social responsibility “was not only in the company name, but at the heart of everything Chris does”.

SR2 have donated 5% of their profit to charities, a move that has significantly benefitted people in their local community of Bristol and beyond. This year, they have given “a significant sum” to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine humanitarian appeal.

The judges described his achievements during the period in question as “outstanding”. They added, “To take an idea ‘People over profit’ and lead a sustainable and successful business that is true to its purpose is laudable.”



James Orr, Managing Director of Doctors Direct, Allied Health Professionals & Non-Clinical, NHS Professionals