Recruitment Impact Award 2020

Bill Boorman, Founder, #tru

He’s known as “the One in the Hat” and “the King of Social Recruiting” – but to recruiters both in the UK and around the world, Bill Boorman is recognised for tearing up the rules of professional gatherings and creating popular knowledge-sharing events called #tru, The Recruiting Unconference.

For the last decade, Bill has taken his #tru events to five continents and numerous countries and cities around the world, creating a social movement of recruiters, recruitment technology experts and assorted professionals. To quote Bill, “An unconference is a gathering of minds, experiences and opinions where active participants lead the conversation.” His unconferences have four rules: No presentations, no Power Point, no name badges and no pitching. And in addition to embedding his unconference un-model in the recruitment culture, Bill is an advisor and consultant to corporates and tech companies. His credo of never wearing a suit, always wearing a hat and penchant for memorable t-shirts has contributed to his legend as both a beloved and respected figure in contemporary recruitment.