SR2 – Socially Responsible Recruitment

SR2 is a B Corp-certified, community-focused IT recruitment company operating within the IT space. It approaches the business with a focus on its social, corporate and environmental responsibility.

  • The business has committed to making two financial donations a year to underrepresented charities, equalling 5% of its profits. SR2 also encourages volunteering, with each member of the SR2 team committing to at least two days a year of their time to local community projects. In its fifth year of operation, it has made donations of more than £250k and 1,200+ hours of volunteering to under-represented local charities in Bristol and beyond.
  • SR2 donations make a significant impact in its communities with an example being Young Bristol, which received over £50k from the company. Young Bristol used the funds to build an SR2 Media Suite, which enabled youths in the under-privileged areas of Bristol to get access to computers and the internet.

Judges’ comments

“Our winner demonstrated the passion it has for using recruitment to support the communities it serves. SR2 has chosen to make its values a unique differentiator for the business and are clearly committed to demonstrating these values through its actions. The organisation provides a positive example of how sustainability and specifically, social responsibility, dovetails with a recruitment firm’s purpose.”