TTM Healthcare

TTM Healthcare sends 2,500 healthcare professionals to work in flexible frontline and support service roles every week, as well as placing 100+ international healthcare professionals every month.

Compliance is a matter of life and death. It also carries with it numerous and onerous responsibilities.

Checking that a healthcare professional is compliant and ready to work involves collating and verifying anywhere from 30 to 50 documents and the completion of about 10 hours of mandatory training with TTM, a process incorporating up to 45 steps.

Among the regulators who scrutinize and oversee TTM are HM Revenue & Customs, healthcare profession regulators such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council, General Medical Council, and the Health and Care Professions Council. Records that must be checked for each candidate are their professional registration and qualifications, employment history and references, occupational health, training and criminal record checks, and TTM’s policies and procedures referred to and followed. If those requirements were not onerous enough, TTM also commissions additional checks.

Plus, TTM undergo up to eight comprehensive, external and independent audits each year, conducted by framework providers, neutral vendor managers and clients.

To ensure its workforce is compliant, the company subscribes to a monitoring service that analyses, reviews and reports the status of TTM’s approved umbrella companies every 24 hours. This is in addition to rigorous checks of workers’ own documents, and the preferred supplier list of TTM’s umbrella companies is audited by the company’s finance team and reviewed by its finance director every three months.

The judges said, “The submission clearly showed how everyone in the company is both accountable and responsible for ensuring everything is fully compliant…Regular internal and external audit checks highlight both importance and success.”