Eames Group

Specialising in the Insurance, Banking and Technology sectors, the group has a globally integrated back-office team of 25 specialists across HR & Operations, Contractor Care & Compliance, Finance, Marketing, Learning & Development and Talent Acquisition.

Recent accomplishments by the back-office team include:

  • Structured learning & development plans for every employee have seen impact on productivity but also on time to first promotion for entry-level recruiters, with 90% promoted to consultant in their first six months.
  • Implementing improvements to support the contractor compliance team and cyber security within the business and putting into use key client dashboards to enable and drive collaborations across divisions
  • Contributing to a group-wide sickness absence reduction of 24% and a drop of 10% in company attrition.

Examples of key projects undertaken by the Back-Office team included a focus on preparing for all aspects of Brexit with staff, clients and candidates such as changes to visa and right-to-work requirements and ensuring continued compliance with data protection legislation both pre- and post-Brexit.

The Eames Group said, “Our back-office team have worked incredibly hard to keep the business moving, motivated, productive and ‘together’ – they are without a doubt the backbone of our business.”



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