Winner: Gravitas Recruitment Group

Gravitas Recruitment Group is a global specialist recruitment company that provides contract and permanent services in the technology, insurance and banking sectors. The business needs global support for five offices in the UK and Asia, including accounts, credit control, contracts, customer care, first-line IT support, administration, travel booking, marketing, communications, management information reporting, facilities management, HR and personnel services. The back office team works with an external legal consultancy when necessary, within legislative environments in the UK and Asia that cover employment law, agency worker regulations, HMRC/financial law, data protection, immigration law, equal opportunities, privacy and electronic communications, and contractual law.

• In 2017, Gravitas bought boutique search firm Atlas Global Search in Hong Kong. With the purchase complete in the first week in June and the go-live date for the initial transition of staff and systems into the Gravitas Hong Kong office scheduled for 1 July, the back-office team had to react quickly. The business-critical project needed collaboration – not only between teams, but also internationally. The various functions worked together across borders to meet deadlines, and the project was a success.

• The team’s contribution to customers is shown by its work on advising contractors in the public sector what HMRC’s IR35 changes might mean to them.

• The team has made improvements to the efficiency, effectiveness and compliance of the business, including the amalgamation of Gravitas UK with Gravitas Asia into one global business. There were huge differences in back-office processes, policies and procedures, leading to inconsistency, process inefficiency and lack of compliance. The team ensured that systems data and reporting are now accurate and consistent globally.

• Process efficiency is woven into the business, and back office is expected to take the lead on this. As well as being reactive to business demands, the team also proactively drives its own projects forwards, consistently bringing innovative ideas on improving and growing support.

Judges’ Comments:

“This entry showed sound knowledge of legal considerations and the contractor care service offering showed great value added. We were impressed by the collaborative approach in managing the acquisition in Hong Kong.”