Winner: Student Recruitment Reimagined – PwC in partnership with Amberjack

The application of technology to the process and the thought applied to how this could make the company more strategic in its approach led to the judges to conclude this was the stand-out winner in this category. The use of innovation that centred on the candidate proposition was outstanding.

  • Working alongside Amberjack, PwC upgraded a process that hadn’t really changed in 10-15 years, making it commercially efficient, exciting and immersive to meet the consumer-centric demands of today’s candidates.
  • In identifying the Workforce of the Future, PwC recognised that it is impossible to predict exactly the skills that will be needed even five years from now, so the organisation – and business in general – need to be ready to adapt the skills they assess. And future employees also need to be agile to adapt to the fast-moving world of work.
  • The selection process features the latest emerging technology combining AI, machine learning, automation, data-driven insights and predictions to form an immersive, seamless, candidate journey. It is highly personalised, highly tailored and truly insightful.
  • Results are a 68% increase in applications compared with the previous year; a projected 400% reduction in time-to-hire; over 5,000 hours of chargeable staff time saved.
  • The judges were impressed with the quality of submissions in this category. The three shortlisted companies have all delivered effective solutions to support their business and the wider markets they serve.

Judges’ comments: “This company delivered an all-round answer to a complex recruitment process, which did the job well, delivered significant results, not just on talent attraction, but also significant cost savings.”


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