Charlton Morris

Charlton Morris is a search firm that has three divisions – CM Medical, CM Life Science and CM Industrial – with 80% of their work is outside the UK. Generating revenue, either independently or in collaboration with the sales team, is the primary aim and their marketing function is a revenue-generating department.


  • Responsibilities include building the brand online, primarily via LinkedIn, helping TA teams attract talent to the business and working to elevate the status of their The credibility, visibility and reputation of their recruiters are increased through the creation of content. Between October 2019-20, this amounted to more than 140 different pieces, from articles and podcasts to videos.
  • A large part of the team’s responsibilities has been managing the transition into three separate business units (CM Medical, CM Life Science and CM Industrial) after a rebrand in October 2019, and establishing those brands in their markets. This also saw the introduction of four new websites, three of which are content-focused.
  • An important innovation on their websites has been their content creation process. Each piece is consultant-led; the marketing team then creates the content and works with the consultant on distribution. This eliminates the time-consuming concept and research stage for the marketing team, and also means the consultants are more likely to promote content that they have helped create.
  • This approach has allowed the organisation to align their marketing strategy with sales, and set targets for both teams on which they have to work together. The result has been a collaborative sales and marketing function that makes both significantly more effective.


Judges’ comments: “Charlton Morris has shown that you can generate revenue, create communities and add value through its podcasts, published articles and ‘Client Hubs’ to a level that is rarely seen. They have broken the mould within their sector and created an army of genuine subject market experts across their business. A worthy winner which should inspire others to think differently.”

Also: The judges appreciated that because of the pandemic marketers have had to be resourceful.