Strictly Recruitment

For a small company of 11 people, this company’s achievements have been remarkable. Among them, Strictly demonstrating some amazingly successful hiring campaigns for very high-profile law firms. For example, in one campaign, a video achieved over 100,000 views, generating a huge volume of appropriate candidates in a difficult arena.

At the time, the market offered very few candidates, and the video went on to generate so many candidates that Strictly was able to create a new inbound marketing platform for candidates for their data base.

The company’s expertise has also led to serving clients in an advisory capacity, to help them plan and shape staff restructuring projects. “Our expertise and knowledge of the sector has often been called upon to…help design the new structure, the intricate day-to-day duties of each role, alongside the career structure and key measurables and achievements needed to obtain promotion,” Strictly explained.

Plus, Strictly was the exclusive recruitment partner for one of these projects, successfully filling 100% of the roles.

In an example of innovation over the past 12 months, Strictly formed a new business community, the Business Support Network, which offers courses, events, tips, interviews, life hacks and inspiration for business professionals across the globe. The BSN now has more than 10,000 subscribers. And Strictly has evolved the community further by adding BSN Bespoke. This service offers exclusive and unique access to top coaches, mentors and inspirational speakers from a variety of sectors.