Winner: La Fosse Associates

La Fosse Associates is a values-based technology, digital and change recruiter, working at all levels from the board down. The company treats candidates well because it believes it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s a better way to do business. In 2016, La Fosse almost doubled its size. This experience created challenges; however, the process also gave the company an insight into what fast growth means. La Fosse decided to take these lessons and build a service line for clients, the Talent Advisory programme, that would draw on its own experiences to advise new enterprises on how to scale at speed.

• Working with fast-growing technology businesses has been at the company’s core since the start, and the Talent Advisory programme seemed to be the logical next step in providing value for the community of start-ups and venture capital-backed enterprises.

• The programme demonstrates La Fosse’s strength as a consultative partner as well as a recruiting body. Much of the programme’s structure is built around its internal hiring, HR and learning and development practices.

• La Fosse placed 25 candidates with long-standing client in 2017. La Fosse’s working relationship with the client means La Fosse now has an interview:placement ratio of 3:1 for the account.

• A case study of excellent client service during this year is a project with a public sector organisation during its transformation programme, when it was establishing a team from scratch. La Fosse helped the organisation fill 20 posts during the transformation period.

Judges’ Comments:

“La Fosse clearly aspires to be best-in-class at everything it does. Sustained financial growth and high net promoter scores underline how well the agency is run.”