Elemed is an all-female, multi-lingual, niche recruitment company that focuses on technical roles within the medical device industry. Although London-based, the recruiter has an international presence. Besides recruitment, Elemed are part of the community they serve through non job- related initiatives such as a medical device regulation discussion forum, (with 6,000 members), the Elemed academy and a podcast.

  • Elemed was approached regarding a confidential project concerning a notified body regulator for medical products, which was planning to open up a new, highly regulated entity. The question was whether to locate in the Netherlands or in Denmark. As part of the build, Elemed provided a talent pool analysis in both locations and salary rates analysis to help choose location.
  • Denmark was chosen, thanks to the information that was shared, such as attracting talent there, salary package details, and barriers to entry from a hiring regulatory perspective. Elemed also successfully offered recruitment support, with the head of certification the most important position to be filled.

This was a highly critical project, not only for the client nor even for the company: this fulfilled a gap in the entire industry, having a notified body regulator based in Denmark. (According to the the Danish Medicines Agency, a notified body is a private organisation designated by the national health authorities to review and assess whether the manufacturer’s documentation meets the legal requirements.) It made the national news.

Judges’ comments: “As a small niche business operating internationally in exceptionally challenging times, Elemed punched well above their weight with the highest levels of candidate and client success. They had to pivot their business significantly during the year and pioneered a financially viable structured mentoring programme.”

Also: The judges discussed this category at great length because of the quality and volume of worthy submissions. The size, resources and defined achievements of each entry was very different.


Amoria Bond