The AA (Talent Acquisition Team – TMP Worldwide)

Motoring association the AA previously had a recruitment function that was fragmented, traditional and driven by people who weren’t talent attraction experts. The function has now changed its internal structure, processes and policies, selection options and operating model – implementing a strong, direct sourcing strategy focused on longer-term employee value rather than short-term reactive hiring. It has appointed talent experts from client-side roles, agency and job board backgrounds, giving an excellent spread of experience, culture and approach, and is now known as the Talent Acquisition team. To enhance its screening process, speeding up the turnaround time to ensure it didn’t lose candidates, it partnered with TMP Worldwide for all its candidate management and candidate communications.

• The AA developed and launched its employer brand, encapsulated by the slogan ‘Ready for ANYTHING?’, which underpinned all of its recruitment communications, from job postings to the careers site.

• The comprehensive redesign of the careers site launched in February 2017. This gave the AA the perfect vehicle to combine all of the attraction and engagement elements to emphasise the brand, the breadth of career opportunities, and a fantastic candidate journey.

• In early 2017, the organisation moved to a strengths-based interview process. This was a massive change for the business and required training and upskilling of more than 100 hiring managers.

• Candidates are now more informed. The new careers site, featuring the ‘AAbot’ chatbot, provides candidates with a realistic view of the AA and its culture.

• Turnover has decreased from 45% to 24%; the offer to acceptance ratio is now 98% – it was 88%; candidates arriving on induction is now 97% – it was 75%; candidates passing probation induction is now 98% – it was 81%; turnaround time for candidate screening (from application) is now under two days – it averaged five; average time to first contact for a candidate is 0.6 days (it was 2.5); average time to offer is 26.4 days (it was 37).

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Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police

Judges’ Comments:

“This application stood out as an exemplar, delivering transformational results across all areas with clear supporting data.”