Recruit 12

Recruit 12 has a macro influence on global projects, positively impacting environmental conditions and sustainability. Its revenue is generated in renewables, nuclear energy and electrification of automotive and aerospace.

  • The completion of a gender pay gap reporting initiative by Veolia Nuclear Solutions (VNS) revealed an inadequate senior female representation, and sought to reach a target of 50% female leaders. Collaborating as talent adviser and partner, it recommended and deployed multiple initiatives, including increasing the percentage of females achieving interviews to 57% and driving female hiring to an average of 65%.
  • At financial year end 2022, Recruit 12 had a turnover of £1.4m – a 291% increase against previous year, 12 employees (100% increase) generating £159k per fee-earning head annually (119% increase). Some 50% of employees are gender and ethnically diverse.
  • Recruit 12 worked with Dana Incorporated – formerly Ashwood Electric Motors – to find a plant manager to oversee the electric motor design, and Recruit 12 recruited the individual within two months (Dana gave it 12 months). It used its recruitment portal, which was customised to suit Dana’s needs, eliminating the need to carry out lengthy first-round interviews, which reduced time to hire by 50% and provided a shortlist that included female, local and national candidates.

Judges’ comments

“Recruit 12 is punching above its weight with its ability to drive change in the industry that serves. There is real specificity in the targets that it has met, for instance, the example of Veolia – which had a target to reach 50% female leaders, and it managed to increase the percentage of females receiving interviews to 57%. The hiring of females for the project was at an average of 65% with an industry average of 16.5%. From a commercial perspective, in 2022 Recruit 12 increased turnover by 291%, employees by 100%, impressive statistics captured by a small agency emerging from the global pandemic. The company has demonstrated that it is not just able to make successful hires in difficult locations; it is always looking through its diversity lens to keep the industry moving.”