Harper Fox Partners

Describing themselves as “a purpose-led business…a boutique search firm with offices in London, Birmingham and Texas”, Harper Fox Search Partners serve the global energy, engineering, manufacturing, transport and utilities industries.

In addition to their engineering specialities, Harper Fox also emphasise their diversity, equality & inclusion recruitment skills, helping to diversify leadership teams and increasing diverse teams within businesses generally.

For example, in one English business, Harper Fox placed 13 senior leaders and directors, most of which were highly technical or niche positions, within the last three years. There, they pioneered and supported “a complete transformation” of the business through new hires and psychometrics around talent mindset and leadership approach. At the same time, Harper Fox was directly involved in the client’s goal development strategy and helped to build their networks around the world along with establishing a presence in China, India and Slovakia.

Three of their notable displays of creativity and innovation are the Harper Fox Partners Guide to Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent in STEM, the video series “Trailblazer Talks” aimed at sharing insight and advice from ‘trailblazers’ who are having a positive impact on businesses, people and the environment, and a partnership with the Ron Dearing University Technical College to give its students opportunities to build on their skills and experience.