Founded in 2003, VHR is an international technical recruitment company providing engineering solutions across numerous sectors. Initially serving the aviation, automotive, engineering, defence and marine industries, VHR has since expanded to include the renewables, construction and technology sectors, specialising in recruitment, training and relocation. International clients are at the heart of VHR, with staff speaking 17 languages across eight global offices, currently trading with 120 clients in 52 countries.

  • VHR conducts regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify any potential weaknesses in its systems and take appropriate action to address them promptly. All VHR staff are regularly trained on cybersecurity best practices, including password management, phishing awareness and data handling procedures.
  • The company’s Contractor Care Offering has been very successful, resulting in increased employee satisfaction, retention and loyalty. A key benefit is the reduction in staff turnover, leading to a reduction in recruitment costs and disruption. Providing a supportive work environment with the hiring of onsite representatives has led to improved employee morale and job satisfaction. Some 82% of VHR’s business in 2021-22 came from repeat business.
  • Following a rigorous audit by HMRC in 2021, VHR was found to be compliant with every aspect of the minimum wage audit. It works proactively to ensure full compliance with all regulations related to contractors on its books. The commitment to compliance and transparency has enabled it to ensure that its contractors are not liable for any non-compliance issues.

Judges’ comments 

“The winner produced an impressive entry showing end-to-end involvement with contractors working cross border, catering for their requirements, transport and accommodation, and supporting them through potential minefields of legal requirements and regulation.”