Morgan McKinley Group

With six UK offices and 11 global offices, Morgan McKinley demonstrated outstanding offerings and innovation across wide swathes of the business.

The company has a tradition of sharing its expertise beyond its clients and serving the broader business community with its long-running London Employment Monitor. The quarterly reports share Morgan McKinley’s in-depth knowledge of job and jobseeker trends in London, and have in become a ‘go to’ expert resource for well over 200 publications and even from economists.

Set against that backdrop, on the service front line, Morgan McKinley’s case studies revealed commitment to becoming firm ‘career allies’ with candidates, working with candidates over the long-term to develop their career trajectories, which has led to the desired outcome of candidates becoming the client in many cases.

An innovative internal initiative is 1Morgan, in which consultants are rewarded for bringing in new business for their colleagues. For example, business development at a New Zealand firm ultimately led to a global opportunity for Morgan McKinley to influence strategic staffing strategy through techniques such as mapping, headhunting and building on existing networks. This work also led to exclusive mandates to support the firm’s international staffing.

Under another innovative initiative, prompted by the introduction of the Off-Payroll Working Rules for the private sector in 2021, Morgan McKinley used the change to introduce new methodology into how contractors were onboarded. Its Contractor Experience concept has been so successful in the UK that it is going to be rolled out to APAC and other company business lines to accelerate and maximise its success as a truly customer-centric company.