Sustainable Recruitment Agency of the Year 2020


STEM staffing specialist SThree’s business model is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which influences its company Sustainability Strategy.

  • SThree’s Sustainability Strategy has three goals: reducing absolute carbon emissions by 10% by 2025; supporting community projects that engage and inspire 200 people from diverse backgrounds to access STEM education, training and careers; empowering colleagues to use their time and skills to strengthen their community through 1,500 volunteering hours.
  • SThree carried out a number of initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, including implementing new recycling stations with signage to help improve waste management, launching a six-week travel campaign on World Environment Day, challenging the travel decisions of colleagues (airmiles were reduced by 5% as a result) and as part of the Global Climate Strike its network of 110 CSR Champions put on events in 28 locations including recycling races and volunteering at litter picks (over 194 volunteering hours).
  • In 2019, the SThree Foundation partnered with 10 STEM organisations in key markets that deliver STEM education, training and career programmes to people from diverse backgrounds. As a result, 51 African girls from low-income backgrounds are at university studying STEM subjects; seven ASA students have secured Eduspot grants and built education resources in their community to support access to quality education; more people from diverse backgrounds are engaged in or considering STEM education or careers as a result of SThree’s intervention.
  • Each staff member has 16 hours of paid volunteering leave every year, enabling them to strengthen their local community through skill sharing and contributing time. Against a target of 1,500 hours in 2019, staff volunteered 2,495 hours in their local communities.

Judges’ comments: “Strong mature considerations of impact with strong social engagement and demonstrable solutions. Aligning to SDG demonstrates significant desire to embed sustainability throughout business.”