Recruitment Industry Supplier of the Year 2020


Recruitment analytics and sales gamification platform cube19’s philosophy is to optimise the two greatest assets of every recruitment agency: their people and their data.

  • cube19 provided a technology widely used by the sector with a large amount of new sign-ups, customer retention and even returning customers.
  • cube19 grew revenue by 32%, despite the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit. During the awarding period, over 80 new clients signed up, plus the company experienced 12 returning customers, eight major product releases, increased staff headcount by 100% and introduced an innovation to the global staffing market – Actionable Insights.
  • cube19 gives recruiters the platform to grow revenue and forge stronger customer relationships through the power of data and Actionable Insights.
  • Using cube19’s technology provides a vantage point for leadership to oversee the activity, performance and direction of their company. CEOs can drill into any company performance metric, unlock revenue opportunities, mitigate risks and prioritise work in real-time, on any device.
  • As data is at the heart of cube19’s DNA, the judges were impressed with how the firm keeps track of how its technology outperforms the industry benchmarks in terms of support and service. In particular, over 99% CSAT (customer satisfaction score) for the last three years – more than 3% higher than the industry high.

Judges’ comments: “A company with an impressive customer satisfaction rating of 99% that has shown a continued investment in product development and learning about the adoption of the technology within the customer environment.”

Also: The judges felt that this category demonstrated a strong roster of submissions, with exceptional innovation to assist the sector, showing clear examples of return on investment (ROI) for the industry.