WINNER: Saville Assessment

Working to provide its clients with the tools needed to recruit the right people into different roles, Saville Assessment continuously has improved its offerings to provide assessments that best predicted workplace performance. Achievements during the voting period include developing 70 bespoke assessments and reports, introducing ground-breaking assessment technology, combining delivery with tangible return on investment (ROI) metrics and going over and above for its 874 clients.

  • Assessment tools introduced by Saville Assessment included Wave-powered video interviewing, a job analysis app called Role Fit and a Group Analytic Tool to allow recruiters to analyse recruitment data more effectively to understand the trends related to the types of people they attract for applications
  • Among the companies utilising the assessment tools on offer were Heathrow Airport, Johnson & Johnson, and Fujitsu, with the later using a specially-designed graduate assessment process to improve the number of BAME and female candidates it attracted
  • Saville Assessment helped Fujitsu increase the proportion of BAME candidates appointed to roles double in 12 months, as well as employ its highest ever number of female candidates
  • As a thought-leading organisation in the professional community, Saville Assessment has held a number of Talent Transformation Days to share insights, published articles and white papers to help in the understanding of the assessment arena, and spoken regularly at events and conferences on its experience with the selection process
  • Looking to the future, Saville Assessment also has key insights for what is ahead, noting issues such as automation, artificial intelligence, diversity & inclusion, and the power of the company brand as trends the sector should be keeping an eye on in the weeks and months to come

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: “The winners deserved their award due to a commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion opportunities throughout its client base, and displaying a masterful use of technology. They were consistently the highest-rated thought leaders in the category.”


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