WINNER: Sue Dodd

Co-founder of the research and analysis firm Agile Intelligence, Sue made a lasting impact on the UK recruitment industry by helping to develop Recruiter’s HOT 100 from 2006.

Sue was instrumental in working out a methodology for executing this iconic industry benchmark when Recruiter was first establishing the HOT 100, its annual list of the UK’s most profitable recruitment companies. She carried out the fact-based research and analysis of significant amounts of data, compiled HOT 10 sector lists, provided insightful narratives and always sought out new information to give ever greater context to the HOT 100.

Away from the HOT 100, she was an established expert source of recruitment business information to different organisations and highly respected for her encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry.

Sue and Agile Intelligence also operated in the pharmaceutical, construction, logistics and fast-moving consumer goods vertical industries.

Before becoming a welcome partner to the recruitment industry, Sue was the senior investment analyst on the UK and European drinks sector for Merrill Lynch, a role with sole responsibility for stock recommendations, research reports, analyst meetings, client presentations and roadshows. She had previously held a similar role as a senior investment analyst in the drinks industry for Credit Suisse Buckmaster and Moore.

A BA Honours graduate in economics from the University of Nottingham, Sue is retiring this year. She will be greatly missed by Recruiter, Recruiter’s audience and especially by Recruiter editor DeeDee Doke.