Signify Technology

Signify Technology is a bespoke recruitment solutions agency that serves the Scala community.

  • When Covid-19 hit, Signify Technology decided to support the community in any way possible. They organised two virtual, global conferences, where attendees could watch talks presented by their favourite industry inspirations. The conferences were hosted over 13 hours in one day and presented by 13 speakers. The ticket sales were donation only, and all proceeds were donated to charity.
  • A commitment to charitable causes overall has been a priority for the company over the past 12 months.
  • A commitment to diversity is integral to the company’s progression as a business. It is continuing to build a diverse workforce, hiring based solely on skill; the workforce is 29% BAME and 48% female.
  • Despite challenging times, Signify has still managed maintained its business growth. Since 2017 it has achieved an 884% growth in sales, thanks to the high level of determination and the tenacity of its consultants. In 2020, it partnered with 118 new companies while the market was increasingly difficult to navigate, with many organisations putting a freeze on hiring.
  • The team took great care, commitment and sensitivity when working with those who had been made redundant because of the pandemic and were able to successfully place 257 engineers into new roles.

Judges’ comments: “Signify made employees and community their priority. They did a great job pivoting their conference to a successful online event, which also raised money for charity. Their financials look good, too. Good growth, despite the pandemic.”

Also: The judges added that they were looking for a brilliant business overall, plus their reaction to Covid-19 and how the entrants looked to enhance the reputation of recruitment during difficult times. Overall, it was a hotly contested category with a good number of commendable response.