Morson Group

Morson Group operates from more than 50 locations worldwide, have 10,000+ contractors, process 700,000+ timesheets a year and deliver millions of people hours annually to client projects. In the wake of Covid-19, they shifted their focus to develop technology and solutions that prioritised mental and physical health, business continuity and community reinvestment.

  • In 2020, Morson’s relationships went beyond contractual agreements; they took a true partnership approach to ensure that their clients could achieve as close to business-as-usual levels of operation as possible, but also provided a suite of services that enabled them to prioritise their workers’ mental and physical health.
  • The group adapted its own business rapidly but effectively, in order to ensure they could offer a continuity of service to clients, despite 97% of the internal workforce working from home.
  • In line with social distancing guidance and new legislation, Morson quickly developed a Covid-19 Support Hub with OFQUAL-accredited approved training courses on in-office and on-site health and safety, social distancing, behaviours and workforce management technology. A series of online, always-available wellbeing events were also created.
  • The group’s Fit For Work app – originally created to assess whether workers have received sufficient health and safety briefs for their roles before entering sites – was reconfigured to arm their 3,000 remote workers with early intervention technology, which worked to identify whether they were experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 before attending client sites.
  • As an example of the group’s adaption to the Covid challenge: leading UK construction and civil engineering company SRM identified the need to attract longer-term talent pools in its competitive candidate marketplace. The Morson marketing team organised and advertised a virtual careers event, specifically targeting demographic groups aligned to SRM’s requirements.


Judges’ comments: “We were particularly impressed by the winner’s balanced approach to investing in headcount, their value-adding partnership with their clients and their capacity to adapt to changing times.”

Also: This was a difficult category to judge because all the submissions demonstrated an impressive approach to providing outsourced recruitment services in a difficult environment.