ITV Apprentices – ITV in partnership with Chatter Communications

ITV is the largest commercial television network in the UK. Looking at its Apprenticeship Programme, the social campaign set out to improve the diversity of applications that ITV receives, with a specific focus on inspiring BAME groups to apply for roles across the board, females to apply for tech roles and males across commercial roles.

  • Good use of partnerships and the community gave authenticity to the organisation’s promise of inclusion and belonging. Impressive results in the increase of application diversity.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and TikTok were used to geographically and demographically target its audiences based on assumed interests, and census data that suggested more diverse areas of population for social mobility.
  • Content included branded creative with powerful messaging, along with engaging videos to encourage candidates to apply dsitributed through media careers influencer @talk_2_dan. Messaging focused on hints, tips, culture, daily diaries etc and all roles were shared across the main ITV LinkedIn page, and in both BAME and Disability LinkedIn groups. Adverts on social media also tagged @SCOPE, @Remploy and @Mencap to help reach a wider and more diverse network.
  • The campaign met ITV’s business objective of reaching the most diverse audience groups ever targeted. The judges were impressed by the way the campaign stood out, not least in the incredible amount of research and planning to get the mix just right.
  • What also differentiated the campaign was that it avoided using traditional job boards, which would have been the easy option. However, it almost certainly wouldn’t have reached the diverse target audiences needed to fulfil ITV’s aim of attracting more diverse candidates.

Judges’ comments: “This partnership reached and engaged a unique set of people, supporting them through a recruitment process throughout, even when they couldn’t meet face-to-face. An approach that sets a standard that could be repeated as a success model for other organisations, and was therefore our winner.”


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