Lucid Support Services

Established in 2002, Lucid’s certified team combines more than 125 years of experience of specialist, technical and IT project-based contract recruitment. Lucid has delivered projects for almost all of the top 25 IT resellers in the UK, along with a large number of smaller, independent niche providers. Its most recent venture, Lucid Connect, specialises in permanent recruitment solutions across the IT sector. The agency’s specialist teams include government digital, manufacturing/engineering and project delivery services.

  • The firm provides fast, reliable and cost-effective partnerships to IT channel clients, supporting their large-scale transformation projects.
  • Lucid’s right IT expertise is fundamental to the success of their clients’ projects. However, the majority of their customers are not technical resourcing specialists, so the agency has to perform this function on each client’s behalf.
  • To support clients in winning business and achieving project outcomes, the firm: assists clients to bid and tender for projects and frameworks; develops client-specific rate cards; provides up-to-date marketplace evaluations; schedules and manages multi-site deployment/installation projects free of charge; and sets up and maintains a ‘virtual bench’ of pre-selected consultants and engineers for the client to call on as and when required, often at short notice.

Judges’ comments: “The exceptional case studies from this entrant really stood out for the judges – and very effectively showed us how recruitment service can be a real game changer and value driver for the client – particularly when, as this entrant showed us, the service is embedded and not transactional. Excellent and very impressive examples of real innovation in the provision as well.

Also: The judges were pleased (and impressed) to see the innovation happening in this market space – in the offerings to both clients and candidates. Really inspiring to see the depth of IT expertise and knowledge our entrants possess and how this serves the success of the customers.