Best IT/Technology Recruitment Agency 2020

Franklin Fitch

Franklin Fitch is a specialist IT infrastructure recruiter operating solely in this space across the UK (London and Cardiff), Germany (Frankfurt) and the US (Austin).

  • To give its clients valuable up-to-date information, building on the traditional salary survey, Franklin Fitch released its Market & Skills Report. Sent to more than 19,000 infrastructure professionals in the UK and Germany, with a diverse response across all demographics, the survey looked into the topics and trends affecting its clients on a daily basis, not just around pay rates, but what talent in the IT Infrastructure space was demanding.
  • Impressive work, finding the right candidate for a hard-to-fill role that had been open for nearly eight months. Franklin Fitch reworked the job description and subsequent job advert, involving three international locations, and filled the role within six weeks.
  • Showed great candidate service when a family tragedy struck in the middle of a recruitment process. The candidate trusted the Franklin Fitch consultant to go above and beyond on their behalf to complete the process on their behalf, which was working in the UK for a US firm when the candidate was based in Greece.
  • Embarked on a brand refresh along with a comprehensive update of its digital presence. This was achieved employing the information and feedback by clients and candidates through regular data-gathering and its Market and Skills Report. As a result there was an increase of 60% in website conversions (job applications and CV registrations) and the company’s social presence across professional networks rose by 44% to more than 9,500.

Judges’ comments: “An excellent understanding of their sector and adding value with data-driven insights (market and skills report). Consultants have to pass a test on sector – Franklin Fitch also trains its staff in skills relevant to the sector. Showed they care and would add value to the process.”