Best International Recruitment Agency 2020

NES Global Talent

NES Global Talent delivers international workforce solutions across the energy, life sciences, chemicals and mining sectors, dealing with 12,500 contractors through 66 offices globally.

  • Impressive on-the-ground knowledge has helped companies NES Global works with to source and mobilise local talent in a timely and efficient manner.
  • The judges were particularly impressed with the way NES Global dealt with a new client who was keen to hire a particular candidate that had been referred to them before the search with NES. NES delved into this candidate’s experience and background, which revealed they would not be suitable for this brand new role in Austria. The approach taken by NES showed great tact, sensitivity and integrity.
  • Showed a real duty of care in looking after its 1,000 contractors working on rotation in Iraq, from onboarding to ensuring their safety when travelling home. At the beginning of the tensions between the US and Iraq in 2018, when President Trump pulled the US out of a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, NES called each contractor individually to address any concerns and reassure them that the recruiter was there to provide support at any time. With 10 new starters, whose assignments were delayed, NES again remained in contact with them throughout the delays, ensuring they were comfortable in neighbouring countries.

Judges’ comments: “Local knowledge of target markets delivered to international clients. Mobility specialists helped candidates adjust to challenging environments.”