Winner: Discovery Portal: Accenture in partnership with Capp & Co

A category with strength in submission, according to the judges. Working in partnership with companies means there needs to be a blend of understanding of the market and the business requirement, providing the right solution to deploy the programme and drive success.

  • Partnering with Capp, Accenture created an immersive recruitment experience, which transforms the journey for the candidate, putting them in control of how they explore and complete the assessment, and providing them with a developmental learning experience.
  • The Accenture Discovery Portal has been created with best in-class design to make it appealing to candidates, and its narratives tell stories that are informative and useful to all potential Accenture employees.
  • Capp’s Virtual Reality (VR) Platform at the Assessment Centre delivers consistent, natural responses, as well as an outstanding experience for candidates.
  • Candidates said they placed great value on feedback and learning how they can improve for their future applications. So after completing the Accenture Discovery Portal, every candidate, successful or unsuccessful, receives a personalised feedback report on their strengths and what could be built on. This is repeated after the Assessment Centre and the VR exercises, with every candidate receiving a report on how they have performed.
  • Candidates were also encouraged to answer a survey and give feedback on both stages of the assessment process to ensure Accenture continued to meet its objectives. Feedback shows that Accenture and Capp have succeeded in breaking new ground with the Discovery Portal, with 90% of candidates saying they did not feel they were taking a traditional recruitment test.

Judges’ comments: “The winning team demonstrated some cutting-edge blending of the business outcome, deep understanding of the candidate experience in a difficult environment and used some great technology in alignment to the selection process, making it smooth and visibility better for everyone.”


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