Best Engineering Recruitment Agency 2020

NES Global Talent

NES Global Talent delivers international workforce solutions across the energy, life sciences, chemicals and mining sectors, dealing with 12,500 contractors through 66 offices globally.

  • Although there was an impressive calibre of entries in this category, NES Global demonstrated incredible specialist expertise in its service to customers around the world. In particular, the placement that stood out to the judges was the success in sourcing a tri-lingual candidate who could speak Spanish, Chinese and English for a project in the UAE in the solar energy space.
  • NES Global’s ability to support clients in some of the most challenging locations in the world is impressive. Having people on the ground operating in the same time zone, speaking the local language and with a true understanding of local culture provides a strong foundation and confidence among its clients.
  • NES also showed an amazing duty of care, with its consultants going the extra mile for thousands of its contractors who work in places throughout the world that are often in political unrest and extremely unstable.

NES has also used the latest AI technology to free up its recruiters to focus on value-add activities, whilst technology solutions manage the more repetitive tasks. For example, it introduced an AI Chatbot tool called ‘Roborecruiter’ to quickly contact candidates and pre-qualify them, asking them simple questions (using email and SMS) regarding skill levels and visa requirements to build up shortlists of candidates for recruiters to then approach on a personal level.

Judges’ comments: “NES provided excellent examples of meeting complex challenges of its clients across the globe in a clear and comprehensive manner. Adopting key technologies to streamline processes while demonstrating well evidence-based outcomes of success.”