Best Client Service 2020

Sanctuary Personnel

Sanctuary Personnel is the umbrella company of leading recruitment specialists, Sanctuary Social Care, Sanctuary Health and Sanctuary Criminal Justice.

  • Impressive work with Rotherham Council following the enquiry in 2014 revealing the sexual exploitation of children. Leadership and frontline staff resigned and it became impossible to attract sufficient social workers to meet service needs. Sanctuary helped transform services to such an extent that it has been able to scale down its support.
  • The judges were also impressed with Sanctuary’s work with rehab charity Turning Point, using its specialised talent pools to source substance misuse nurses where other agencies had struggled to find suitable locum staff.
  • During incredibly tough times for health and social care public sector clients, while its competitors contracted in size during a highly changeable marketplace, Sanctuary proactively identified ways of bringing added value to those clients. It created innovative solutions, enabling clients to make service delivery improvements as well as greater financial efficiencies.
  • Sanctuary’s continued partnership with Enfield Borough Council with its ‘single team’ approach shows a real depth of understanding client challenges.
  • With many of its clients, Sanctuary has worked with incredibly tough briefs – real-world problems solved by effective recruitment. Get it right and change the world.

Judges’ comments: “Sanctuary stands out as a winner in this category for its follow through to impact – providing great, solid customer service. It was refreshing to see an entry boasting of scaling back services/fees.”