Remedium Partners

 Remedium is a healthcare recruitment business that champions the recruitment of permanent doctors and healthcare professionals. On top of existing staffing and resourcing shortages, the NHS now faces a growing backlog of unmet healthcare demand; the organisation is now supporting talented doctors from all over the world to make the move to the UK.

  • Candidates are given comprehensive support at every step of the journey, beginning with an application ‘triage’ process, ensuring any potential obstacles to successful recruitment are uncovered at the outset. Candidates are only put forward for roles that match their specific requirements and that align with their career goals, and are thoroughly prepared for interview.
  • Once a job offer has been accepted, candidates are assigned to an onboarding executive, whose job it is to make the move to the UK as easy as possible, and to help them settle in – both professionally and socially – once they have arrived.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, Remedium has managed to relocate around 300 doctors from overseas to work in NHS hospitals – despite flight cancellations, quarantine requirements and international border closures.
  • They also help to support their doctors’ Understanding that making friends in a new country can be difficult, Remedium organises regular social events near every NHS trust that they work with. When this was not possible when Covid-19 hit, they began running regular Zoom quizzes for their doctors and their families.

Judges’ comments: “In normal markets and circumstances it is a tough enough challenge to source your candidates overseas. Add to the mix a pandemic and the achievements of our winner in this category are even more impressive – this company provided an exemplary service to candidates – not only relocating a huge number of healthcare staff – but also showing huge amounts of empathy through organising social events.”

Also: The judges were really impressed by the range of service offerings that are presented to candidates across all the companies they reviewed.  It is clear that the interests of candidates are very definitely front and centre of their strategic agendas.