Arrows Group Foundation

Arrows Group Foundation

Our mission: To enhance and improve the lives of children in poverty through employability.

Our vision: We believe that every child has the right to a safe, happy, and caring childhood regardless of their background. Our Foundation wants to support children born into poverty, or otherwise disadvantaged, to their basic right of a childhood and funding an education that equips them for lifelong success an provides employment opportunities.

Case study: The work we have done already is helping to transform the lives of young girls on the outskirts of New Delhi near our Indian office. These children aged between 5 to 15 years old will go on to play a pivotal role in impacting society through wealth creation, employment generation, and promoting female empowerment. During the Christmas period employees from both Arrows Group and ICG Medical raised over £1,500 taking part in a Christmas Shoebox Appeal. The money raised was used to fill a shoebox for each child with gifts ranging from clothing to books. Collectively we were all touched to find out afterwards that these were the only gifts the orphans received over Christmas.

Our goal for 2016 is to raise £70,000 to tackle child poverty through employability, through providing:
• Assessments/career counselling/coaching for job selection
• Spoken English/business communication/email skills/telephone etiquette
• Training for joining the Arrows Recruitment Team
• Basic Computing/IT/basic finance and accounting skills

ICG Medical and Arrows Group have already collectively made a £12,000 contribution which will pay for the running of the Udayan orphanage in the city of Gurgaon in India for the next 12 months. This investment and effort will build on the work of our local volunteers and partners to house and equip the next generation of a group of children, who at present are in danger of remaining untapped by business due to limited access to education and employment opportunities. The Arrows Group Foundation would massively benefit from being nominated as the Recruiter Charity of the Year and would aid us greatly in educating and readying underprivileged children for a meaningful career.

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